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My name is Vincent Twum, I am a huge anime fan! Therefore, as a teen I was always found myself drawing. It was my way of relaxing, as well as it being something I really loved. I liked the look of the shapes lines and colours used in my favourite anime.

In 2014, I was introduced to web and logo designs. This quickly became a part of me as I found myself coding and designing things in my spare time. I improved in my designs over the years and went on to create stunning designs for clients, and in 2018 I decided to take my skills further and took a course in Graphic Design.
Who I have helped
Privillege LLC
A client of mine had been to other design agencies for her logo for a food business and found that their prices were outside her budget. I was able to save her money and deliver a stunning design for her business.
I created both a logo and website for Anna in 2019 who wanted to start a care-home entertainment business. She provided the colour schemes she wanted for her business and I did the rest after we settled on a design she was happy with.

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I created a logo for Gustav for his e-commerce website. I came up with a few ideas until we settled on something we were both happy with.

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